Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slow Few Days (1/4/12 - 1/10/12 Report)

I'll keep this one short as there's not much to say.

It's been a pretty slow week. Aside from a grand total of 6 walleyes since the last post, two being worth keeping, we haven't seen much aside from perch, perch, and more perch.

We continue to mark fish around sundown, but it's getting increasingly difficult to get them to commit. I swear, we've had one fish that's been sticking around for almost a week now that does nothing but pop up, take a quick look, and head back down. Never once has he done so much as take a nibble even.

If you can't tell, it's been a little frustrating, but we'll get back in the swing of things shortly.

This evening there was an absolute frenzy right up until the rain began. If only it held out for another hour or so, because about 2 minutes before it started while it was still a bit light out, I managed to pull in 2 walleyes in quick succession (Both quite tiny, though. 8" and the other was even smaller). Right as I heard the rain drops hit the side of the house, the sonar wasn't showing a thing, and it - for the most part - stayed that way up until about 7pm.

I've tried staying out as late as about 10pm, and am still hoping to get an overnight in one of these days to see how things are at 2-3am, but I haven't heard too many great things from other anglers that I've talked to.

Looking at last year's posts, we never actually had a good day of walleye fishing until about the 15th of January, so I've still got a bit of hope left, but if nothing changes it won't be long until I start drastically changing things up.

As far as ice conditions go, we haven't lost anything, but I haven't really even seen a single inch gained over the past week either. We're still at a pretty solid ~12"-13". That said, who knows what this rain might do, not to mention a day of 40 degree weather. Hopefully things should be back to normal by next week, though, and we'll get back to making ice.

Best of luck.

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  1. I'm jealous of your ice, in CT the weather has sucked for ice fishing. Means I need to go to Minnesota.