Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Fish.. Ice Update (6-8")

Well, I finally got out and did some fishing. Didn't stay out too long though, details follow..

Got out around 9:30am, which was already a bit later then I would've liked. Sun was shining and it was close to 34 degrees as I was getting out of the car. Great weather for fishing, but not so much when it's still early ice.

With that being said, there's a solid 6-8" out on Gray's Bay already. Plenty of good clear black ice that you can see through, with a good deal of holes already drilled that you can follow on your walk out. A good amount of cracks too so you can pretty easily judge the thickness wherever  you are thanks to that clear ice. Another good thing about it was it made getting to the deep hole really easy, didn't even have to break out the GPS. Just look down, and as soon as you stop seeing weeds, go another 5-10 feet and you'll be in 16-20 feet of water.

The main reason I didn't stay out there was how noisy the ice was. I'm pretty used to being out in a big 2 ton fish house with only 10-12 inches of ice and hearing lots of settling at night, but for some reason when you see multiple cracks go right beneath your feet, you get a little on edge. Like I said, there was at least 7" of ice where I was, and the cracks seemed to only be on the upper 3-4" of the ice, not all the way through. But a combination of me, a good amount of gear, a brand new sonar, my 1 year old dog, and tons of cracks got to me and I decided to pack it in rather then moving spots.

There was one small spot (20 yards wide) that was still open water, somehow, about 3-4 days ago. If you refer back to my "Update on Gray's Bay Ice Conditions (12/9/2011 @ 2:00PM)" post, it's the small northernmost red circle on the map. I'd bet you have a few inches by now, but be weary of that area.

The fishing I did get done wasn't much. Maybe two hours worth, I was back on dry ground by 11:30. I managed three small sunnies and a medium sized crappie, all went back to be caught another day.

I wanted to get some pictures of the ice to show people how much there actually is, but my phone was giving me an SD Card Unmounted or Damaged error. But there's more then enough ice to bring portables out there, I'll just be waiting for a colder day, or at least a day I can leave the dog at home.

I also saw one guy out on Wayzata bay, about 50 yards out from the 101. So it seems there's some safe ice out on Wayzata already. I'm almost positive the main part of the bay is ice locked, and I plan on getting out tomorrow or the following day to check ice near the landing.

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