Friday, December 23, 2011

Fishing Report (12/22/2011 @ 12:00-6:00)

Finally got out in full force today, so to speak, and had a pretty good day on the ice. The fishing was pretty constant, but it was mostly smaller little perch. Got a couple good sized bluegills, and right at sundown I missed a good hard bite that I picked up right off the bottom.

The perch bite was so hot that I couldn't even keep them off my hook. Not that that's a good thing.. But I snapped the picture (below) of one fish, and in the background you can see my bobber already on it's way back down.

There were quite a few others out today, which was real nice to see. Probably a total of about 15 people came and went over the course of the day. Plenty of ice, so if you've got the itch to go out fishing and not go too far, Gray's is a good bet.

Snapped this picture near sundown to show a few of the other guys that were out there. I was one of the farthest people to the north, no one seemed to venture too far past the drop off into the main hole.

Didn't hear of anyone having a spectacular day out there, and judging by the amount of people coming and going and by how much hole hopping I saw going on, I'd say it's safe to say it was a pretty slow day all around. I got off the ice at around 6:00, and there were still probably 4 houses out there, a couple of which had been out there the whole day and hadn't moved much. Not sure if they were on fish or just some serious die hards. One house looked like a permanent because it never once moved and I thought I saw the guy leaving as I was coming on the ice, but I'm not too sure.

Also managed to test out my phone's streaming capabilities. The video didn't turn out great seeing as it was just a test. I plan on getting a mount for it, and hopefully get some decent videos up which people will be able to watch live (Stuck at work dreaming of fishing?) or on demand whenever you'd like. This is the first one, like I said, it's just a test, so bear with the horrible filming, quality, and sound. About half way through the audio cut out and never turned back on (I hit mute :P) too so it might get pretty boring after that, not that the first half is very exciting in it's own.

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