Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Post - The Ice is Here!

Well, it took a few weeks of impatiently waiting but I managed to make it out on Gray's Bay today to drill some holes and check out ice thickness. I didn't go out too far since I was alone, but the few holes that I drilled all seemed pretty consistent with about 2-3" of ice. I'll probably give it a day or two before I actually get some fishing in, but it's awesome that it's finally here! If you plan on going out prior to this weekend, make sure to check the thickness every 20 feet or so.

We made a couple upgrades to the wheeler this year, but the biggest upgrade has got to be wifi. I'm hoping to be able to make posts here from the house while on the lake, so if you're looking for the most up to date fishing reports for Minnetonka, this should be a good place to check!

I'll be posting everything from pictures to video and I plan on posting some product reviews so people can get an unbiased point of view on some of these products that get pushed out every winter. The new age of fisherman are all about talking up every other product they get told to, and it's a little annoying that every new lure apparently "Forces fish to bite!" The first review will be of the Slush Inhaler as soon as I get a chance to test it out.

So with all that being said, look for another post and a potential fishing report coming in the next couple days. Be safe venturing out on to the ice, but now would be your last chance to get all the gear ready. Re spool the reels, make sure the auger fires up, and clean out the portable, because tight lines are only a couple days away!

I know I'm ready...

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