Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Thanks

Just wanted to post a quick thank you to those of you who have been actively following the site.

At this point, I'm receiving at least an email or five a day about where others are having luck, what they're using, what they're catching, etc. I've promised people that I won't share their spots (And I won't!) but it's always awesome to have other sources coming in with similar information to reinforce my own luck (For instance, I've had about 4 people in the last week saying that ~20' has been great for Walleyes all over the lake).

It's always great to hear that the work you do is appreciated, and just about every message I receive has a nice "Thanks!" attached to it, so in return, Thank you all. Admittedly, these past couple of weeks, this site and the emails I've received have been what have pressured me to get out on the ice as much as possible, the response from you all is what makes it worth it.

This site at first was more or less just an experiment to see if something like this was even remotely possible, but two months later I've already got about 50 unique weekly visitors, over 5000 total views, and I'd say it's right where I wanted it to be. I've always been somewhat annoyed by the websites with a strong bias towards their sponsors, so here's to the free-flow of good information between fisherman, and to rest with the days of intentionally sending people in the wrong direction so they stay away from "your spot."

PS, I'm planning on going out on Wayzata Bay tomorrow evening around 3:30-4:00. I'll be out in a Fish Trap Scout TC with a red Honda Rubicon sitting nearby, so if anyone wants to head my way, feel free! On top of that, if anyone wants to coordinate something, feel free to shoot me a text at 952-393-9718 (Note: I'm really bad at answering phone calls from numbers I don't recognize, so texts are preferred).

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