Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Many Snakes

Well, I've gotten in a good bit of fishing lately. Not nearly as much as I would like, but I've been out probably 4-5 times already. Most of which thus far has been pretty strictly on Gray's and Wayzata Bay. I checked out a small local lake with no access the other day, but a local told me they had some pretty bad winter kill a couple years prior, and after walking the entire distance of the lake and marking no fish, I had no choice but to believe her.

When I've been out on Tonka, I've been on pretty steady pike action the entire time, whether I want to or not. I've pulled in a total of at least 12 northerns so far, most of which have been anywhere 20"-30", with the majority being on the lower end. Can't complain too much, but just like the perch problem, these aren't the fish I'm looking for at all.

First break, 12-15 feet of water, as close to a weedline as you can get. Drop a sucker and I'll almost guarantee a couple pike within an hour.

Been on the search for some crappies, but I don't think Gray's is gonna be worth my time too much longer. Planning on heading over to North Arm today if the wind dies down a bit and I can catch an early break from work.

Was out on Wayzata Bay last night at sundown and had absolutely zero luck. Didn't even mark more than a couple fish. By the time I got out there, there were a solid 15 people on the ice and the landing was bumper-to-bumper. By the time I left (Less than an hour or so later) there were 2 remaining guys out there. Sometimes it's a little comforting to know you're not the only one doing something wrong..

Every report I've gotten from Gray's thus far has been pretty equally as bad. Some of us manage to get some pike, but other then that, it's been perch and small sunnies. Not exactly sure the cause of it all, but it's definitely inspired my desire to try out some other bays. I'd also like to hit Gray's later in the evening one of these nights.

On another note, it sounds as though my father wants to take a couple days off work and head up to Mille Lacs for a night or two, so expect an update from up there in the near future as well.

Should have another report within the next day or so.

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