Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Update

Quick update since it's almost 1:00am and I'm headed up to Mille Lacs tomorrow morning at about 4:30.

Got out on Cooks bay the other night. Still a slow night, but I did manage a walleye. Nothing worth bragging about seeing as he was only about 8", but I was marking fish and it at least let me know I was in the right spot. I got off the ice a little earlier then I would've liked (6ish), so I think I'll try to go out again soon, home down my spot, and give it a good 5-6 hours from sundown on.

Another new update is that we just purchased a new Honda Rubicon TRX500 about 5 hours ago. Can't wait to take it out on Mille Lacs for a good test run tomorrow! Got it so 1) I could be more mobile in the portable fish house, 2) our old ATV was a piece of junk, 3) to pull the big wheel house during those times before you can drive out there with a bigger truck.

We've already got an auger rack, GPS mount (Albeit unneeded since this baby has built in GPS-nav), and a rack for all your gear, so once I get those mounted I'll get some new pictures.

Here's to a good day out on the ice tomorrow! We'll be headed out of Lybacks as we rented a house from them, but I'll most likely be out and about in the portable the entire day. Check back tomorrow as I'll very likely have the live stream going a good part of the day provided I can get cell service out on Mille Lacs.

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