Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walleyes! (1/19/2012 @ 12:00 - 5:00)

Got out on the ice today and did a good bit of live streaming. Had a request from a reader as far as some walleye spots on Tonka. Unfortunately, he asked for spots "other then Wayzata bay" and the spot I ended up at was on Wayzata bay, but either way, fish on!

Got to my spot around 12:30 after having some trouble starting the ATV in this cold weather. As if that wasn't enough trouble, on my way out I had the fish house jackknife out to the side due to so much clear ice and almost ran over it. In an attempt to stop, I actually did run over it a little bit, but no damage was done. To make it even worse, as I tried to shift gears from drive into neutral, it went an extra gear past neutral and went into reverse. Luckily the hitch that I have on my house released rather then staying attached, or else I would've been going backwards right on top of my portable. Lastly, once I finally did get to my spot, after drilling only 3 holes I ran out of gas mid-way through the 4th. At this point I was almost ready to head home.

Figured I'd give it some time and after hole hopping a bit I settled on the one that seemed to have the biggest perch. Not that I was too happy about that, but it's not a bad sight pulling 6-7-8" through the ice one after the next. I wouldn't be too sad to have Minnetonka turn into a good perch fishing lake if nothing else. It was about 3 hours of on and off fish, for 20 minutes you'd catch them one after the next, 20 minutes later it'd be dead silent, them's the breaks on Minnetonka.

Right before sundown (Literally, about 2 minutes after the sun went past the horizon) was when the fishing finally turned on. Walleye after walleye for a solid 20 minutes, in total I pulled 6 of them through the ice and kept 5. The last one was a bit small, and I figured I'd give him a couple more years before he makes it to the table. Was fishing in about 20 feet of water, and pulled every fish right up off the bottom. Had a Northland Tackle Moxie Minnow tied on with minnow heads as a kicker.

For those of you who stuck it out with me on the live stream, thanks a bunch! You can watch the video I took after the break. The action starts at about 5:00 and is pretty constant for about 15 minutes, then the last fish come up right near the end of the video. 


P.S. Forgot to mention I was seeing cars and SUVs out on Wayzata Bay. I won't say it's safe yet (Saw 11" of ice myself) but after this week I'd say it's probably safe to say otherwise.

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